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Employee Opinion Survey at World's Top Fast Food Chain

CPRL conducted a company-wide Employee Opinion Survey online in February 2022, to measure and maintain a positive culture within the organization. Company believe the satisfaction of employees is directly associated with the efficiency of an organization and that is why it is important for CPRL to ensure if their employees are happy with their work or not.

Case Studies Details

The Challenge:

One of the world's top fast food chains in India wished to conduct a company-wide employee opinion survey to understand employee views, attitudes and perceptions of the organisation that shall eventually lead to organisational growth. The company believes, employees’ satisfaction is directly proportional to the success of the organisation. 

The Solution:

To conduct the survey, while anonymising employee responses, Trackbee’s online survey system was customised to include a unique token system that identified each store’s employee or manager without asking them for their Personal Identifiable Information (PII). Three different sets of questionnaires were developed for store managers, store crew and HO employees. Unique QR codes were also generated for each store. The online survey was conducted at 144 Stores in 53 cities. A customised HR dashboard was also developed to display the survey results with various demographic filters, including plotting of stores on a map with result-based colour code, demographic-wise attrition risk, gap analysis, co-relation, etc.

The Result:

The company used the data derived and our recommendations to recognise the challenges in various stores, store managers who get along well with the rest of the staff, probable cause of attrition, need for employee training, among others.

Post the survey, the company has planned to revamp the reward and recognition programme based on employee feedback. The company wants to conduct the survey every six months to understand and recognise employee needs better.