Custom Development

Trackbee Crisis Management

A tool for business owners, helps to keep them connected with employees, especially the frontline staff and supports them in prevention, identifying symptoms and accessing treatment during Covid-19 pandemic

Case Studies Details

The Challenge

To create a tool for business owners and employers that helps them stay connected to their employees, especially the frontline staff, in order to support them in preventing COVID-19, identifying its symptoms and accessing treatment. 

The Solution
Developed a custom application to keep a track of employee health, along with a dashboard for the HR team to monitor employee health, generate reports for senior management, ensure targeted and regular follow-ups with the employees or front-line staff who had symptoms or had tested positive for COVID-19. The customized application supported regional languages and worked smoothly on Android & iOS devices.

The Result
The application supported timely and smooth employer-employee engagement during the COVID-19 pandemic, apart from alerting the employers to take necessary actions in respect with the employees where and when required.