Frequently Asked Questions

Support Questions

It’s simple. Sign up/register at You will receive a login id and password upon your account activation. Use it to log in.

TrackBee has a trial mode, which is free. Once the trial mode ends, you will have to choose from one of our subscription packs.

Yes, TrackBee supports data validation like text, email, pincode, max and min length, and range, among others.

Yes, TrackBee supports the following branching functions:

1. One on one
2. One to many
3. Many to many
4. Many to one

Yes, TrackBee supports skipping functions.

TrackBee has 20+ question types. Know more about it here:

Yes, TrackBee supports surveys on mobile app (Android only), desktops (web browsers) and mobile devices simultaneously, provided the question type are supported in the devices.

Yes, TrackBee supports text piping.