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Are you one of those looking for a custom lead generation system or a customised white labelled survey solution with dedicated hosting or to be integrated with your application? Then you have landed at the right place!

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TrackBee Custom

Custom Application Development

Data collection is an integral part of any business. This data could be in the form of customer feedback, business leads, opinion polls, audit/inspection data, among others. Developing custom applications for these custom requirements can be a time consuming and costly affair. But worry no more. Here's introducing 'TrackBee Custom', a customised solution by the TrackBee data collection engine that is much faster and more convenient than developing and customising an application from scratch.

Our customs oftware is developed keeping only your business in mind and includes everything you need to succeed and shine.

Why TrackBee

A reliable and bona fide software for data collection, TrackBee, has developed various applications, including a patient referral system for a hospital, custom integrated lead generation system for a popular ice-cream manufacturer and a custom data collection system for an international NGO. At TrackBee, we analyse your requirements and develop a quick solution that isn't time consuming or complicated, but result driven.

TrackBee Features

New Question Type

Every survey should have questions unique and specific to it; questions that get explicit responses. Inept questions, not oriented with the end goal of the survey, on the other hand, will attract unsatisfactory responses. TrackBee makes sure your goals are met and you get all the answers you are looking for by simply asking the RIGHT QUESTIONS

New Functionality

Software operability and tools functionality must change according to requirements. TrackBee's proficiency comes handy here as our team of specialists will work with you every step of the way, starting from ideating to designing and finally execution and implementation.

Analytical Tools

The analytical tools at TrackBee are customised to analyse data and extract actionable information that help you achieve lucrative business goals

Custom Data Format

Want your data format to be designed in accordance with your needs? Why worry? TrackBee is here. Our IT experts will customise data formats especially for you.

TrackBee Features Custom

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