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Looking for a custom lead generation system or a customized white labeled survey solution with dedicated hosting or to be integrated with your application?

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TrackBee Custom

Custom Application Development

Introducing TrackBee Custom, a customized solution on top of TrackBee data collection engine. Data collection is an integral part of a business. These data can be customer feedback, business leads, Opinion, audit/inspection data etc. Developing custom application for these custom requirements, can be a time consuming and costly solution. Using TrackBee the development can be much faster than custom application development from scratch.

Custom Software is developed keeping only your business in mind, so it includes every single need you require to succeed and outshine.

Why TrackBee

TrackBee, a robust application for data collection already developed various applications like ‘Patient Referral system for a hospital’, custom integrated lead generation system for a popular ice-cream manufacturer company, custom data collection system for an international NGO. In TrackBee we analyze your requirements and develop a quick solution on top of the TrackBee System based on your requirements.

It is a less time-consuming and uncomplicated process with quick and easy functions. As a result, both time and money get saved.

TrackBee Features

New Question Type

Sometimes, your survey may need a unique and specific set of questions. The results might not be efficient and satisfactory unless the questions are oriented with the end-goals of the survey. Here we are to help you out. We have the proficiency to create and integrate new question types.

New Functionality

Operability in software and tools must change according to requirements. If new functions like collection validation, specific design are required, let us know. Our team of specialists will work with you at every step, starting from defining the idea to designing and implementation of the function.

Sophisticated Analytical Tool

The analytical tools are there to analyze data and extract actionable information that help to land on to lucrative business decisions. TrackBee customizes sophisticated analytical tool that can turn your data to valuable resources.

Custom Data Format

Want your data format to be designed in accordance with your needs? Why worry? TrackBee is there. Our IT experts can customize data formats for you.

TrackBee Features Custom

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