Custom Development

Retail Landscape Discovery: Churning New Opportunities for a Top Ice Cream Brand

A popular ice-cream brand in India, wanted to update their existing outlet database and add some new leads to the system

Case Studies Details

A prominent Indian ice cream brand faced multifaceted challenges in lead generation, identifying stores equipped with functional deep freezers, pinpointing untapped markets, assessing the market share of competitive brands, and updating their existing store database.

Trackbee conducted an extensive study within Kolkata and a 50 km radius, engaging over 4000 stores. Our proprietary survey tool, designed with essential logic and validations, ensured precise data collection. The Trackbee community of enumerators was deployed to gather comprehensive store data, including details on deep freezers, competitive brand presence, and market opportunities, all supported by geo-tagging for accurate location mapping.

Our efforts enabled the ice cream brand to synchronize the new data with their existing database, highlighting previously unrecognized stores and markets. This provided their sales team with actionable insights, allowing them to target and capitalize on these new opportunities, effectively increasing their market reach and enhancing lead generation strategies.