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Data is the most important aspect of any research studies. It is analysed and interpreted to get insights. So to get correct insights or test your hypothesis the data has to be reliable and authentic.

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Mobile Data Collection

COVID-19 has forced us to move to mobile based data collection from inefficient and painful paper based data collection. Nowadays, the mobile app based data collection is much more reliable and authentic.

Mobile data collection tools on their own are not silver bullets. Sometimes companies with core competencies on data collection techniques, struggle with data collection technologies.

However, the right mobile data collection application will improve the accuracy and speed of your data collection, help your team to do its best work, and ultimately, amplify the impact of your program.

Why TrackBee

With different data collection tools in the market, their subscription technique, their different operating process, availability of local support, sometimes it's a bit difficult to programme a survey with necessary validations into that system.

In Frametrics we’ve developed TrackBee with our 1st hand experience in conducting Market Research projects. TrackBee has been applied in various projects across various sectors and industries.

Under TrackBee Research, we are providing a package that includes survey programming (with necessary validations), enumerator management, TrackBee subscription, survey hosting, Training and support, raw data export in Excel/SPSS. For a single survey programming, you can collect data using web browser, Android App as well as iOS app.

TrackBee Features

Works Without Internet

TrackBee works offline. So users can fill out and submit forms when their devices are not connected to the internet. The information gets stored safely until the device is reconnected.

Data Validation Engine

Obtaining highly accurate data is extremely important to define and implement effective business strategies. TrackBee's inbuilt ML based data validation engine has tricks that can help you to validate information in order to collect spotless data.

Data Authentication

To ensure the authenticity of the data collected in TrackBee, you can add rich data such as images, date & time, background audio capture, signatures and GPS locations, which increase data accuracy.

Local Language Support

Data collection in local language eliminates language barriers that could have come into play and respondents can thus freely express their thoughts and opinions in a language they feel most comfortable with. TrackBee supports more than 100 languages.

Response Quotas

To achieve the proper sample in a market survey it is important to have a Quota Management system in place. By setting quotas you are set to collect just the right amount of data you need, from across the full spectrum of opinions you want. Quota allows you to have confidence in your data, that it represents the population you are most interested in understanding.

Enumerator Management

Making an enumerator accountable for the data he/she is collecting, it is important to have a proper management of enumerators in a survey system. In TrackBee apart from OTP based validation of enumerator's mobile number, backend based allocation of survey to an enumerator via team creation is there.

30+ Question Types

To learn more about the respondents, it is important to ask the right survey questions. Designing a survey is as much art, as science. A good survey is one that helps you get clear insights. Along with simple question types like open-ended, dichotomous, multiple choices, rating, date & time, complex question types like matrix/grid, Ranking, constant sum, GPS location, Signature, Roster (useful for listing down the details of the members in a household), etc.

TrackBee Features Research

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