Market Research

M-Sand Market Analysis for a Leading Consulting Company

TrackBee deployed its data collection software to perform an in-depth analysis of the M-Sand (Manufactured Sand) market in 16 major Indian cities, targeting Independent Home Builders (IHB), M-sand dealers, and Ready-Mix Concrete (RMC) players. The study was designed to understand M-sand adoption, preferences, brand awareness, price sensitivity and unaddressed pain points in the construction industry.

Case Studies Details
The Challenge
The consulting client sought to dissect the M-Sand market, a rising alternative to river sand, for its potential role in sustainable construction. The investigation needed to cover various cities with disparate market dynamics. Also, the client required granular data on user preferences, purchase criteria, and potential bottlenecks in M-Sand adoption.

    • Survey across 16 major cities.
    • The sample size consisted of 10-12 IHB contractors, 3-5 M-sand dealers, and 5-7 RMC players in each city.
    • A multi-dimensional questionnaire covering all facets of the M-Sand market.
Critical Insight Requirements:
    • Understanding of sand dynamics to recommend optimal strategies for stakeholders.
    • Establish the impact of branded and unbranded M-sand on the construction ecosystem.
    • Accurate profiling for targeting (company size, turnover, projects).
The Solution
TrackBee’s versatile data collection software was deployed to collect field data across cities, employing mobile and tablet-based questionnaires tailored for each respondent category.

    • In-depth Interviews (IDIs) were held with a predetermined sample size of key stakeholders in each city.
    • Data points included sand usage, purchase criteria, willingness to pay a premium for higher quality, and more.
    • Dynamic questionnaires enabled data capture that was later fed into a centralized database for real-time analytics.
The Result:
    • Insightful Data Collection: TrackBee's robust platform ensured accurate, real-time data collection from the field, enabling data-driven decision-making.
    • Market Understanding: Unearthed key insights such as:

        • Most cities faced moderate to acute river sand shortage.

        • Higher willingness among IHB contractors to pay a premium for quality M-Sand.

        • Clear gap in the market for branded M-sand.
Quantitative Outcomes:
    • Achieved comprehensive data coverage with an accuracy level of over 98%.
    • Real-time data helped the client to tweak their research methods, saving up to 20% of the project time.
Value Proposition:
    • Positioned TrackBee as a leader in complex multi-location, multi-stakeholder market research data collection and analytics.
    • Elevated the consulting company's report through high-quality, reliable data, making it a valuable asset for stakeholders across the M-sand value chain.
Strategic Recommendations:
    • A branding exercise for M-Sand suppliers could capitalize on the unmet need for quality assurance.
    • Stakeholders should consider educational marketing to make end-users aware of the benefits of quality M-Sand, potentially disrupting the traditional river sand market.
    • This opportunity for cement companies to expand into the M-sand market given existing synergies in the supply chain and customer base.
TrackBee's technology-driven solution provided the consulting company with strategic insights to advise their clients on market entry, product development, and positioning strategies in the M-Sand sector. Through rigorous data collection and nuanced analytics, TrackBee validated its instrumental role in facilitating data-driven decision-making for complex markets.