monitoring tool for social projects

TrackBee MIS

Donors in the development sector enjoy better accountability and transparency with the use of Information Technology. This has driven the demand for quantifiable, results-based and data-driven approaches in project implementation.

TrackBee MIS

Monitoring Tool for Social Projects

The advent of private funds in the form of CSR and philanthropy have enhanced the corporatisation of the social sector. Corporates demand a higher Social Rate of Return on the money that is spent. This is done through continuous monitoring and evaluation of results for any and all the work that is done. Quantification of output is key to measure success or failure of a project.

The use of third party software to ensure efficacy and transparency in data collection is vital as far as a results-based monitoring system is concerned. And so, institutions must be set up in the process of digitalisation to ensure authenticity and worthiness of the money spent. TrackBee is one such system that helps to track relevant beneficiaries and the impact of the project on key output indicators through a simple mobile application. The system guarantees that project implementation is powered by data and is monitored with the help of quantifiable and verifiable indicators. This warrants reliability of framework as well as guarantees real time surveillance by the donor organisation.

Why TrackBee

TrackBee has been a building block for several projects across varied sectors and industries, including social sector and has helped clients improve project performance by monitoring KPIs and allocating resources effectively. Our expertise in understanding project KPIs enables us to design customised dashboards.

TrackBee Features

Works Without Internet

TrackBee works offline, so users can take the survey even when their device is not connected to a network. The survey responses get synced online once the network is back.

Data Validation Engine

Obtaining accurate data is crucial in defining and implementing effective business strategies. Keeping this in mind, TrackBee has designed a competent validation engine to validate information in the process of data collection.

Data Authentication

To ensure the authenticity of data collected on TrackBee, you can add images, date & time, background audio, signatures and GPS location to verify the source and accuracy of information.

Local Language Support

Data collection in local language eliminates language barriers that could otherwise hinder respondents from expressing their thoughts and opinions in the language they feel most comfortable with. TrackBee supports more than 100 languages and can translate text easily.

Monitoring Dashboard

Monitoring dashboard lets you track the performance of your surveys in real time and even check the collected data. The dashboard can also be customised to monitor KPI metrics in real time and plot GPS enabled data on a map.

Enumerator Management

Enumerators are accountable for the data they collect as part of the management process of a survey system. At TrackBee, we ensure enumerator accountability by verifying their mobile phone numbers with an OTP-based validation process, apart from allocating surveys to an enumerator via 'team creation'.

Question Types

A survey is only as good as the question asked. A good survey question is the one that is easy for the respondents to understand and gets straightforward answers. TrackBee is well versed in this department. It has \ 34 different question types to choose from to save time, enable better comprehension of questions asked and improve the quality of responses.

TrackBee Features MIS

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