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Our Features

TrackBee survey software has various advanced features and is easy to use. Choose from 30+ question types, integrate branching and display logic, survey in multiple languages to ensure authentic data collection.

Offline Data Collection

Offline Data Collection

Slow internet connection or no internet access will now not disrupt data collection. Collecting data without an internet connection on mobile has now become easy even in remote locations with our in-house software.

  • Collect data offline,without internet connection
  • Auto-sync data later with internet accessibility
  • Effective solution for all kinds of field data collection
  • Saves battery for longer period when on field

GPS Integrated

Leverage the power of GPS to gather real-time, authentic data. Track and capture respondents' locations along with other data.

  • Location tracking without an internet connection
  • Better accuracy and quality of data
  • Achieve better results from survey
GPS Integrated
30+ Question Types

30+ Question Types

Ask the right survey questions that help you get clear insights, critical information and quantitative data. Ask questions ranging from likert or rating scale, close- or open-ended and more.

  • Choose from 30+ question types
  • Ask targeted questions
  • Receive insightful answers

Data Validation Engine

Validate everything; from mobile number and email id to parent-child questions and dynamic input. The data validation engine:

  • Ensures that the data is processed
  • Supports rapid and complete data processing
  • Ensures high standards of data
Data Validation Engine
Data Authentication

Data Authentication

Expect nothing, but authentic data from surveys conducted. Know where your data came from, from whom and when.

  • Allows respondents to upload photos, videos, voice recordings and more.
  • Enables localis ation, syncs with offline tools easily
  • Allows flexibility to the respondents to answer questions anytime, anywhere

Skip Logic & Question Branching

This feature allows respondents to skip pages or questions, and take part in the survey based on intuition and logic. The question flow can also be customised based on the respondent's answer with text piping.

  • Control the survey flow intuitively
  • Customise survey
  • Conduct intelligent surveys
Skip Logic Question Branching
Multi Language Surveys

Multi Language Surveys

Customise surveys across the globe based on the respondents' geographic location or preferred language.

  • Choose from multiple languages
  • Reach a wider audience
  • Improve survey response quality
  • Upload language file in Excel format

Monitoring Dashboard

Be able to monitor your surveys by keeping a track of responses collected, flagged, rejected, total number of enumerators on field and much more. You can also generate graphs, add filters or new pages.

  • Monitor and visualise survey progress
  • Get real-time results
  • View respondents' location on map
  • Filter and cross-tabulation of data
Monitoring Dashboard
Enumerator Management

Enumerator Management

Lead enumerators throughout the on-going survey process with the help of a backend monitoring panel.

  • Perform backend tasks, including creating teams, assigning surveys, etc., via mobile
  • Allow supervisors to manage enumerators through QR code sharing
  • Allow complete control to survey supervisor to co-manage the survey with the enumerator

Cross Tabulation of Data

Generate results from sub-groups or groups of respondents, cross-analyse questions and assess in-depth analysis that might not be apparent otherwise.

  • Spot patterns and trends through cross tabulation data
  • Get a detailed table-view of data
  • Find hidden insights from relations between various data points within the survey
Crosstabulation of Data
Rosters Repeated Questions

Eliminate Question Repetition

Avoid similar responses from repetitive questions and speeden the survey process with the help of Rosters.

  • Useful for household surveys, agricultural surveys, etc
  • Ideal for surveys that have repetitive questions
  • Export roster responses in a separate sheet

Response Quota Management

Track respondents that meet a specific condition in the survey and limit them for surveys by setting quotas. The result: You collect only that amount of data which is required.

  • Three-level Quota - city, gender, vehicle owner
  • Customise the flow of the survey
  • Choose between percentage and number-wise distribution
Response Quota Management
Background Audio Capture

Background Audio Capture

Confirm data authenticity and/or detect poor interviewing with the help of background audio capture. The result: Efficient, effective and authentic surveys.

  • Gauge interviewer-interviewee dynamics
  • Boost interview authenticity
  • Make audio audit a strategy to monitor survey quality
  • Cost-effective way to assess how surveys are conducted on field

QR Code-based Survey Distribution

Make survey sharing and downloading on mobile phones quick and easy through QR Codes.

  • Easily scan a survey code with mobile camera
  • Share surveys with team through QR Code
  • Download online surveys on mobile
QR Code Based Survey Distribution
Auto Flagging of Response

Auto Flagging of Response

Simplify surveys by automatically filtering out those responses that do not meet the desired criteria.

  • Set customised auto flagging
  • Identify responses that don't meet the desired criteria
  • Automatically remove responses that do not meet criteria
  • Accept or reject auto-flagged data after reviewing all responses


Conduct multiple surveys under one umbrella account by running surveys for different teams in the organi sation through one parent account. Set survey access levels as required and share with clients to monitor data.

  • One parent account, multiple surveys
  • Allows different teams to conduct surveys
  • Provides different levels of access to teams
  • Helps keep a check on quality
Sub Accounts
Multi Device Support

Multi Device Support

TrackBee surveys run on a single programme across all channels and systems. Programme the survey only once to run it on multiple platforms, including:

  • Android
  • iOS
  • Web

Export Response

Transfer or export survey responses easily in multiple formats, including Excel, CSV, SAV (SPPS).

  • Export surveys in different formats
  • Select team, date range, data label, etc
  • Save time and effort
Export Response
Survey Metadata

Survey Metadata

Maintain data and assess authenticity with detailed metadata from surveys.

  • GPS, start & end time
  • Sync time, survey version, device details
  • IP address, tracking code, etc., for web survey

Data Security

Collect data securely on encrypted online surveys. TrackBee, -hosted on the world’s top cloud service provider, follows best practices based on security compliance.

  • Conduct survey minus security worries
  • Establish safe connections, secure custom domain
  • Data safety remains a priority
Data Security