Market Research

Elevating Cement Industry Insights through Comprehensive Data Analytics

Our esteemed client, a leading global consulting firm, required an in-depth survey analysis across India's cement industry. Leveraging TrackBee's versatile survey software, we addressed the intricacies of surveying dealers, retailers, contractors, and IHB owners in over 10 Indian cities. Our revamped approach yielded actionable data points that deeply informed the client's strategic decisions in a notoriously complex industry.

Case Studies Details
The Challenge
Traditional methodologies for collecting insights in the cement industry posed limitations—specifically, respondent fatigue, inadequate attention to key performance parameters, limited geographical coverage, lack of near real-time reporting, and questions surrounding data authenticity. Our client needed a scalable, yet intricate, methodology that could cover various stakeholders in 10+ cities across India, addressing the sector's complexities and providing credible, timely data.

The Solution
Adaptation of TrackBee Software for Comprehensive Data Analytics. TrackBee's robust survey software was used to meet the multi-dimensional research requirements of the cement industry. The platform's versatility and adaptive technology enabled seamless integration with the study design, which involved several levels of data segmentation and conditional questions. The following capabilities were central to our methodology:

    • Real-Time Dashboard: The platform's real-time dashboard feature was employed for near-instantaneous data capture and reporting, allowing for quick adjustments and strategical alignments.

    • Offline Data Capture: Given the varied geographical scope of the survey, TrackBee's offline data collection capabilities proved invaluable, ensuring seamless data gathering in regions with limited internet connectivity.

    • Data Authentication: TrackBee's robust validation features ensured that the collected data met stringent authentication criteria. Advanced features like restricted gallery-based image capture, background audio recording, and geo-tagged responses were deployed to reinforce data authenticity at each touchpoint.

    • Multi-Stakeholder Flexibility: Our software accommodated varied question formats and branching scenarios for different stakeholders—dealers, retailers, contractors, IHB owners—enabling a nuanced data set that respected the unique perspectives of each group.

    • Layered Parameter Probing: To minimize respondent fatigue, initial ratings were taken, followed by specific questions about critical parameters such as quality, marketing, and pricing. This allowed us to capture a comprehensive understanding of end-customer preferences.

    • Brand-Specific Queries: A cap of three brands was set for inquiries, focusing on specific brands' demands and competitor comparisons without naming them.

    • Regional Brand Leadership: Geographical tagging helped identify local market leaders, enabling a 4th brand comparison based on regional preferences.

    • Holistic Brand Analysis: We moved beyond quality, incorporating TrackBee's dynamic capabilities for in-depth qualitative feedback on aspects such as pricing, delivery, and marketing activities.

    • Comparative Ratings: A comparative evaluation between the subject brand and strong competitors was designed to dissect the differentiating features of each.

    • Value-Price Matrix: We examined the perception of quality relative to price, identifying potential areas of value addition for higher-priced brands.

    • Descriptive Attributes & Key USPs: Open-text fields and conditional follow-ups ensured that USPs were substantiated with valid reasons.

    • Brand Personality & Celebrity Traits: Projective techniques were employed to associate human traits with brands, feeding into a more intuitive brand-celebrity association analysis.

    • Strategic Hypothesis Questions: Context was built around the market leadership of a key competitor, paving the way for insightful competitive analyses.
This multi-layered approach, combined with the technological capabilities of TrackBee, delivered a tailored solution that met the unique research challenges posed by the cement industry.

The Result
TrackBee's software and the tailored questionnaire facilitated a data-rich landscape for our client's advisory needs. The in-depth, multi-faceted, and geographically comprehensive data sets have empowered the client with insights that are reshaping the industry's competitive landscape.

TrackBee emerged as a one-stop solution for market research, offering its proprietary software capable of offline data collection, as well as a robust community of enumerators for extensive fieldwork. These capabilities affirm that whether it's near real-time reporting, data authenticity, or comprehensive analysis, TrackBee is the go-to platform for industry-leading research solutions.