Market Research

The Future of Frozen Yogurt & Smoothies

Is the future of frozen yogurt and smoothies bright?

Case Studies Details

The Challenge    

To conduct a market assessment on value-added dairy to find potential entry parameters in the industry for frozen yoghurt and smoothies. The study covered metro cities, including Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Ahmedabad, and Bangalore.

The Solution

We reached out to 207 respondents, 30 outlets/retail managers and three company representatives to conduct the primary data collection. The survey was conducted at Point of Sales counters. The questions asked as part of the survey, included

  • Why the urge? (Why would one want to consume frozen yoghurt or smoothie?)
  • The negative urge (Why not consume ice cream instead?)
  • Preferred location?
  • Ideal ambience?
  • Favourite flavour or topping?
  • Experience?
  • How much is one willing to pay for it?

The Result    

Nearly 17% of consumers prefer flavoured frozen yoghurt without topping. Consumers also preferred takeaway (68% of them) as compared to dine-in.  Additionally, 60% of the consumers considered frozen yoghurt as a go-to snack, while 85% identified it as ‘dessert’