MIS Dashboard

Dashboard Development for a Capacity Building Project

A centralized web-based Management Information System (MIS) has been put in place for monitoring and implementation of the scheme

Case Studies Details

The Challenge:

To make sure the project Scheme for Capacity Building in Textile Sector (SCBTS), popularly known as the ‘समर्थ’ (Samarth) scheme, which brings together 100 industry partners, 13 state governments and 150 implementing partners, is being diligently implemented, a centralised web-based Management Information System (MIS) has been put in place. However, the textile ministry wished to have a public facing dashboard as well to communicate the achievements of the scheme to the public and build trust through openness and transparency.

The Solution:

Based on the initial briefing, and after analysing the existing MIS system, TrackBee developed a public dashboard for project ‘Samarth’ with a provision to track Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), including state-wise centres (on a map), registration, training, evaluation, placement, retention, partner-wise performance, state-wise performance, among others.

For the project, TrackBee used NIC's multi-layer GIS platform named ‘Bharat Maps’ to develop an interactive map-based reporting system with which a user has to simply click on the name of a state on the map to get a detailed view of that state with district borders and on mouse-over display of district's KPIs.

The Result:

The public dashboard is now being used to track various KPIs related to the project, including candidates trained state or district wise, assessed or trained candidates, partner count, agency count, caste ratio, gender ratio, etc.