Key of Successful Online Surveys-Quality not Quantity

The fight between Quality and Quantity has been continuing since ages but apart from a handful of exceptional cases, Quality has worn the crown of victory, most of the time.


The fight between Quality and Quantity has been continuing since ages but apart from a handful of exceptional cases, Quality has worn the crown of victory, most of the time.

Online surveys on market research are no different. Instead of lengthy, monotonous, complex questions and heavy texts; precise, to-the-point, and witty questions always grab attention and evoke interest. Long, stereo-type, unfocussed/subject deviated questions make respondents lose interest followed by giving up.

When an online survey has been conducted the factors that should be kept in mind to drive on and motivate the respondents to answer up are the incorporation of intelligent and interesting questions, survey designing, choosing proper question format, planning ahead of time, well-composed subject-line, limitation in the length of the survey.

Smart, on-point, questions trigger respondents to answer those. The question format is another crucial part to hold on to the patience of the respondents. Unnecessary extended and unrelated questions in a survey induce respondents to fill it up with gibberish. Keeping close-ended, bipolar matrix, multiple-choice, dropdown, rating scale, slider, Likert scale, ranking, matrix, etc. type questions consume less time and increase the number of participants.

Survey design like keeping the goal of a survey fixed, maintaining relevance, clearing out the motive behind the survey, how the collected data will be used, what impactful decision will be taken after the result of the survey, etc. helps in ascending the response rate.

Planning ahead of time helps a lot in making online quality surveys. The errors, missing points (if any), the inclusion of any opinion should be time and again evaluated beforehand as post-launch of the project/product, alteration will be a hassle-some matter.

A proper and clear comprehension escalates the quality of a survey a lot.

TrackBee, the powerful survey engine with its user-friendly yet unique features lets a respondent complete a quality survey.

How TrackBee delivers high-quality surveys

As TrackBee works offline, its users can fill out and submit forms when their devices are not connected to the internet. There is no chance of information getting lost as it gets stored safely until the device is reconnected.

The data validation engine of TrackBee helps in obtaining highly accurate data which is extremely important to define and implement effective business strategies.

To ensure the authenticity of the data collected in TrackBee, rich data can be added such as images, date & time, background audio capture, signatures, and GPS locations that increase data accuracy.

TrackBee’s data collection in the local language eliminates language barriers that could have created hurdles. Respondents thus can now freely express their thoughts and opinions in a language they feel most comfortable with. TrackBee supports more than 100 languages. Incorporating a translation is also very easy. One just needs to upload the Excel-based translation file and synchronize his/her mobile app to get it reflected.

TrackBee’s monitoring dashboard lets one track the performance measuring system and visualize the set of collected data. The dashboard can be customized for real-time monitoring of KPI metrics and plotting of the GPS-enabled data on the map.

So, for conducting successful and quality online surveys, Survey Engine TrackBee should be within the count and list of priority.