Save Trees, Go Green, Go Digital

Let's Pledge to Save Trees and Go Digital


Earth is home to not just human beings, but a variety of organisms, flora, and fauna. All these living creatures are facing a threat to their life with climate change. The future of the earth is in danger and that is because of the climatic shifts.     

Increase in global warming and growing climate change is because of excess pollution, depletion of natural resources, urbanization and most importantly, lack of awareness about nature and irresponsibility towards it by us - you and me.      

Another major reason behind the imbalance in the ecosystem is deforestation, cutting of trees for fire, wood and paper, and industrialization.

Did you know, that 95% of the paper on Earth comes from cutting trees?

A new study says that there are 3.04 trillion trees on planet Earth. Every year 15.3 billion trees are chopped but there are more trees on earth currently than in the last 35 years.

British physician, preacher and intellect, Dr Thomas Fuller, rightly said, “He that plants trees love others besides himself.”

All living creatures today that we know of have one thing in common - the Earth- is our home, and we must preserve it. Of course, controlling pollution, keeping a check on natural resources, and using them wisely are important, but so is conserving trees, the flora and fauna.  We are all aware that trees act as lunges for all us humans. It provides us with oxygen, stores carbon dioxide, stabilizes the soil and gives life to the world's wildlife. Conservation of trees shall also help with social security and the welfare of everything alive, making Mother Earth a serene place for survival.

Most paper-related surveys are printed at a higher resolution. The cost of paper, print and postage is expensive, apart from being a time-consuming process. The target audience out here is the main concern as the pattern of questions must be completely accurate to get the maximum result. Online surveys just require an internet connection and a device, like a mobile or laptop, where the display monitor and fonts can be adjusted as per the customer’s requirement, at no additional cost.

Online surveys can be conducted within a few days via emails, social media, blogs, or websites, reach a global audience and get higher responses compared to long and time-killing paper-based surveys. This is exactly where Trackbee is handy and proficient. It is time-saving, cost effective and hassle-free.

Conservation of trees and global warming can be checked to an extent by undertaking such surveys as it is paperless. It will only increase the chances to revive a cohesive ecosystem followed by healthy societies as a whole.