Ask These Questions to Enhance Your Survey Quality

Recognise that only the right questions have the power to get accurate answers. Especially in a survey, an ill-suited question can ruin the whole study for you. Here's how you can ask better questions


It’s a ‘good’ survey, rather than just ‘a survey’ that makes all the difference when conducting a study. Any company aiming for growth should always strive to understand its customer's sentiment, gauge the market, note the mood of its employees, etc., before, during and after the launch of its product or service by asking the ‘right questions’. The more proficiently a question is asked, the higher will be the chances of success.  Surveys are a good way of asking these questions to help understand the mindset and requirements of the masses. But then, it is imperative to ask right, precise, relevant, and close-ended questions.  Additionally, the questions or the survey at large, should be interesting, engaging and brief for the respondents to answer assertively.     

A well-thought through survey format and questionnaire pattern can help any company or service provider to make an informed decision with regard to its product or service.     

To create a befitting questionnaire, keep this in mind:

1. Doubling up questions, where two answers are different should be avoided, otherwise it may confuse respondents.      

2. Close-ended questions are preferable over open-ended questions as respondents may not be comfortable writing long responses. Also, with the latter, the chances of receiving specific answers are lesser.  Additionally, the response rate is higher with close-ended questions.

3. Focus on posing relevant questions, either in multiple-choice, matrix, dropdown, or demographic formats. It is a good practice to make questionnaires convenient for the respondents to answer.

Now, you have it! Follow these simple, yet effective tips to ask better questions and take informed decisions.