Collection Technique and Importance of Customer Feedback

Customer feedback is basically the insights, information, inputs, and issues shared by the customers about their experience with a service or product. The purpose of feedback is to reveal the satisfaction level and help product or service, customer success, and the organization to understand where they are lacking and there is room for development and improvement.


You thought of introducing a smartwatch of your own new brand to the market where already many extant reputed smartwatch producing companies are there to compete and put you down. So, then what to do? Letting your dream go off just because you are new in the market and older and popular brands are there to become a strong competitor or hurdle in the path of your journey to success? No, giving up was never and still not in the list of fighters and achievers. If they are strong, you have to master the skill of being stronger in terms of business strategy, market condition and position, mass demand, pricing, etc. For that, conducting customer feedback surveys, usability tests, exploratory customer interviews, social platform interactions, and on-site activities should be initiated.


Customer Feedback
Customer feedback is basically the insights, information, inputs, and issues shared by the customers about their experience with a service or product. The purpose of feedback is to reveal the satisfaction level and help product or service, customer success, and the organization to understand where they are lacking and there is room for development and improvement. Properly conducted customer feedback skyrockets the growth of the business but the biggest obstacle in knowing the customer’s feedback is fear. The fear of getting negative responses from them. But then if one doesn’t identify his drawbacks, flaws, and loopholes, then the door of improvement and the zeal of being the best gets shut.


a) Improves products and services: Customer feedback like informing product decisions, sharing road maps on what’s coming soon, capturing product feedback, and announcing product updates help immensely in improving products and services. Survey system like TrackBee, gives a provision of Customer Advisory Panel for people who access it can put up their opinions be it positive or negative that will help the system’s developers to cater even much better service.


b) Helps in measuring customer satisfaction: Customer satisfaction is the aim of every company and the only way and key to success. If the product or service an organization has provided fulfills the requirements and satisfies the customer; then popularity, better quality production, and positive impression can easily be accomplished.  TrackBee has a column of Customer Experience Management, where proper reactions to customer interactions are given in order to meet or exceed customer’s expectation, leading to greater customer endorsement and loyalty.


c) Shows customer’s opinions are valued: Keeping a constant connection of communication with the customer and gladly receiving and accepting their opinions make them feel that the company values their feedbacks and utilizes those in shaping the business and these let them feel more attached to the company and build stronger bonds. TrackBee drains out the scopes of uncertainty and ambiguity, by minutely listening to the customer’s pain-point and by interpreting their feedbacks through surveys resulting in optimized solutions.


d) Helps in creating the best customer experience: As mentioned earlier, customer feedback indulges in figuring out the areas of imperfection and deficiency and provides the opportunity to mend up and improve the service ensuring ultimately the satisfaction, expectations, requirements, and solution to problems of the customers. TrackBee always remains attentive towards these factors to give the best customer experience because compromising with quality, well that’s not TrackBee’s cup of tea.


e) Helps in improving customer retention: Customer feedback always helps in keeping a check-in brand perception, providing optimized customer service ending up in customer retention. Customers are the biggest confidant of TrackBee and its secret of making customers satisfied and happy is consistency. The continuous monitoring of TrackBee helps it to bag a significant increase in customer retention. The parameters monitored by TrackBee are Net Promoter Score, Customer satisfaction and Customer effort score 2.0.


f) A reliable source of information to other consumers: Customer feedback is one of the most reliable sources of information to other consumers because people generally do not rely much on commercials and expert advice but have more faith in people who have used a product or service. Especially in this era of social platforms where sharing and receiving opinions are the commonest of all. TrackBee always prioritizes their existing customers and they try their best to solve their queries and fulfill their needs as that will both serve in strengthening the relationship with the present customers and win new customers. Customer Satisfaction Surveys conducted by TrackBee keep a continuous track of customer satisfaction letting the door open for welcoming future customers.


g) Gives data that helps in taking business decisions: The data received from customer feedback helps the company a lot in taking progressive future decisions. Recommendations, opinions, and reviews of fixed, reliable, and best customers generate adjustments in products and provide finer services. The post-survey responses of customers aid much in taking determined judgmental decisions that shoot the company up to more popularity. TrackBee highly addresses and values the client’s opinions and redesigns business keeping in mind the desires of customers.


Various methods of customer feedback collection
Social media, customer contact form, and email, on-site activities, as early as possible feedback from the company via website, conducting telephonic or face-to-face conversations, and setting relevant, open-ended, and goal-oriented questions; are some of the methods of customer feedback collection.


a) Survey responses: It is basically the answers given by people to the field enumerators about an existing service/product or drawing an idea about an upcoming service/product that shows how much necessity it holds and what impact it will create in the market. Survey responses help in forming the business in a more customer-centric way.


b) Reviews: Reviews help in understanding the psychology of customers. Customers are more than just transactions. The reviews and experiences of customers help hugely in tracking market sentiments and requirements. If the reviews and experiences can be woven then these will turn into the best brand advocates and one of the strongest bases of customer retention and increasement.  


c) Focus groups: Focus groups are one of the major effective methods of customer feedback collection. It is a group, designed in a system to provide typically interactive group settings held in a neutral place that provide comfort and ease to the customers to speak their heart out and exploratory research data than conclusive ones that help not only in understanding the thoughts of customers but why, how and what makes them think so. Focused group discussions bring down people together from similar backgrounds and experiences to discuss a specific topic guided by a moderator who helps the group to participate in a lively and natural discussion amongst themselves.  


d) Customer call and support chat conversations: This is another way of customer feedback collection. Establishing a continuous telephonic and chat supportive interactive connection with customers to bridge the gap between business and customers is very much essential. This helps in pulling out critical feedback and creating a roadmap for better performance.


e) Focus on survey response to collect customer feedback: Concentrating on survey response is very important before collecting customer feedback as the responses given in the survey, clear and sort out what kind of questions can be set depending on areas to receive proper feedback. For example, a survey has been conducted in Central Calcutta through which a cosmetic company got to know the number of males and females dwelling in that area. Now according to the survey response, the company can segregate the enumerators into two groups. One who will deal with the male customers and generate questions regarding the gent's products (like shaving cream, aftershave lotions, etc.) and the other who will take the charge of female customers and will come up with questions regarding the ladies products (lipstick, kohl, etc.) This will safeguard a lot of time, effort, and finance.


Defining goals
Goals should always be business betterment centric. Relevant, attainable, specific, and less time-consuming goals provide direction, motivation, and a sense of accomplishment to the company to conduct a good and successful customer survey.


a) Keeping the survey short and asking less and clear questions: There should always be an aim and try, to keep the survey short, compact, and target-oriented. Unnecessary extension loses track and bores the respondent. Asking less, clear, and on-point questions discard confusion. Setting good survey questions is the staircase to reach actionable feedbacks. Enumerators have to keep in mind how to balance between open-ended and close-ended questions. Where to place less and objective type questions and where descriptive answers receive questions. If the skill of avoiding irrelevant and complex questions, being specific at times, and leaving it short is mastered then a good customer survey can be conducted hassle-freely.


b) Offering an incentive: To increase the interest of respondents; coupon codes, discounts, and small gifts are often offered by the organization conducting the survey. This is a very professional approach and tactics to get proper and business developing answers and to build long-term relationships with customers.


c) Testing feedback forms: All the feedback forms collected after the survey, should be checked, tested, and evaluated before making any alterations and taking an actionable decision. It will help in landing a strong, good, and development-oriented decision.       


TrackBee covers up and follows all the above-discussed aspects. So it would be a great and user-friendly idea to choose and use for the best survey experience.