What is Customer Experience Management and why it matters

Ever wondered why your restaurant barely has any customers even though your food might be pretty good? If you are asking your self this question maybe your restaurant is lacking an essential ingredient, called as ‘customer experience.

Customer Experience

Ever wondered why your restaurant barely has any customers even though your food might be pretty good? If you are asking your self this question maybe your restaurant is lacking an essential ingredient, called as ‘customer experience.’

Customer experience is nothing but the conscious and subconscious perception regarding your establishment which has been developed from their previous interactions with your business. Only good food and service is not enough to fill your restaurant; customer experience management plays an important role. Customer experience management is the practice of developing customer interactions in such as manner wherein their expectations are exceeded which will aid your restaurant to build increased customer satisfaction, loyalty and advocacy.


Importance of Customer Experience Management

Customer experience is one of the most important and vital differentiators for brands, especially within the restaurant and food industry hence customer experience management for the restaurant is vital for their growth and success.

Any restaurant can hire good chefs and prepare amazing food, but what sets a good restaurant from a great restaurant is its 360 customer experience the establishment might offer which is difficult to replicate.

Here are some tips which will help business owners to develop and implement their Customer Experience Management systems.


  • Customer Feedback is Vital

Building a stable and repeatable method of capturing feedback from customers is vital for developing customer experience management for the restaurant industry. In the age of social media, restaurants can leverage the power of social media to connect with their customers towards understanding their needs and expectations and formulating strategies to surpass these expectations.

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  • Employee-Driven Experience

Employees are the first point of interaction for customers within the restaurant industry, and hence employees play a vital role in ensuring a good customer experience. Many-a-times, businesses might overlook the impact and role of employee engagement can have on customer experience. The high rate of engagement can enhance the consumer experience, at this moment develop brand loyalty and customer retention.

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  • Understand the Consumer Journey and not merely the moments

This implies taking into consideration the entire process of decision making towards the selection of a restaurant and not restricting the customer experience only within the premises of the restaurant itself. A consumer or a patron undergoes a process of buying decision making when selecting a restaurant and business owners need to investigate the barrier in place which can affect the decision making the process of the customers. Business owners should work towards eliminating these barriers.

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Why does Customer Experience Matter?

Low prices and an exotic menu are no longer sufficient to attract new customers and retain existing ones. The present-day customer seeks experience with every product and services the consumer, and this stands true for the restaurant industry as well.

A restaurant which can ensure an enjoyable journey for its customer along with a personalised experience will help it create satisfied and loyal customers. Not only will these customers come back to the restaurant, but they will also recommend and promote your restaurant to drive more footfall to your establishment.

By ensuring a smooth, constantly evolving and pleasant interaction with your customer, your restaurant can obtain a position of competitive advantage and ensure a great customer experience. If not, the restaurant might as well be gifting away its competitors its customers who will be happy to serve them.