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Drive polls with TrackBee

  • Political Survey

    Political Survey

    People power makes a huge difference to elections. We conduct face-to-face interviews with people to understand their opinions and political perspectives.

  • Pre Poll Survey

    Pre-Poll Survey

    Pre-election surveys can tell a lot about what to expect in the actual election results. To grasp the mood of the voters, TrackBee can conduct face-to-face interviews before an election.

  • Tracking Poll

    Tracking Poll

    Like everything else, voters’ perspectives and loyalties can change, too. To understand the mood change of the voters during election campaign, we conduct tracking poll periodically and compare the result with baseline survey conducted before the campaign.

  • Exit Poll

    Exit Poll

    Exit polls can capture diverse perspectives of the public that can help gain an early indication about the way an election would turn out. We conduct exit polls by interviewing the right mix of voters.

Election Survey
Political PR

Effective Political Campaigning – The TrackBee Approach

We bring the ideas, people and technology into successful political campaigning. Our company, Frametrics and partners, PR Guru help us steer through the process of conducting political PR. Based on statistics, facts and intelligence, our process focuses on collecting data from offline and online sources, inputs from senior political commentators and analysts across India.


From start to finish – We are your partners in winning

  • One stop solution

    One-stop solution

    May it be sample selection, questionnaire creation, data collection, and analysis of responses or political PR, TrackBee offers a comprehensive suite of services for elections.

  • Quick turnaround

    Quick turnaround

    No delays, no excuses; only focus. We are proud of our on-time service delivery and our speed.

  • Survey Translation

    Survey translation

    Election polls are all about reaching out to the masses across the country. We conduct surveys in as many local languages as there are in the country. The result: more engaged voters, quality responses and better results.

  • Expert Advice

    Expert advice

    When you work with TrackBee, you benefit from expert advice on aspects such as communication gap, local party face(s) and requirements of political PR, among others.

Opinion Poll


The TrackBee Advantage

  • Qualified Professionals

    Wide-ranging industry expertise

    In today's competitive environment, the combination of human expertise and technology excellence is what sets us apart. We provide complete survey services under one umbrella with our team of qualified project managers, data scientists, IT developers, UI/UX developers, and mobile app developers, among other domain experts.

  • Greater Flexibility

    Energetic, flexible, start-up like environment

    We’re hands-on with every project. With our start-up like culture, flexibility, relentless focus and ingenuity, we get every job done. Where there’s no option, we go the extra mile to create a new solution.

  • Quick Turnaround

    Quick turnaround

    It’s the age of speed where time is money for enterprises. TrackBee’s cross-functional, agile team can plan, build, test and deploy an application in a short span, without compromising on the quality.

  • IT Enabled

    IT enabled research solution offering

    We manage and offer our own survey engine for online and mobile surveys. Our IT experts have the ability to put digital at the core and enable exceptional, fast and efficient solutions by developing applications, Excel Macro, online MIS/Dashboard and more.

  • IT Enabled

    TrackBee values

    TrackBee is built on core values – ethics, agility, adaptive, customer-centric, accelerated by technology, growth by tailored solutions, on-time delivery, accountability, focus and passion.

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