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Multi-rater system used both as a diagnostic tool and as stimulus for action

  • Self-Development


    Trackbee 360 is a powerful counselling and development tool for the manager's career growth in an organization. It is used to set personal development goals by identifying strengths, weaknesses, and insights on different skills.

  • Training

    Training Needs

    Multi-rater system is useful to identify development areas and formulate training programs. As trainees, it prepares managers to better appreciate their training needs. Another use of such system is to evaluate the effectiveness of training.

  • Team Building

    Team Building

    It helps team members to appreciate each other's role and be supportive of each other. It identifies possible gaps in a team that hinders performance as a unit.

  • Organization Development

    Organization Development

    It aims at behavioral changes that are linked to management competencies, to match organizational goals with individual aspirations. 360 assessments brings about a sense of ownership and attitude to performance.

  • Quality

    Quality Thinking

    360 degree helps in-depth diagnosis of behavioral processes that is difficult with conventional questionnaires. More so, it promotes the concept of internal customer that is central to total quality thinking.

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Compare yourself rating with the manager and team ratings

Accurate self awareness about one’s strengths and potential areas of development is important for effective job performance and success. The self-awareness index can be categorized in four distinct ways.

  • Hidden Strengths

    Hidden Strengths

    The competencies in this quadrant are those where your raters scored you higher than self

  • Signature Strengths

    Signature Strengths

    The competencies in this quadrant are those that were rated high by yourself and other rater groups

  • Blind Spots

    Blind Spots

    The competencies in this quadrant are those that were rated lower by your rater groups than your own self ratings

  • Improvement Priorities

    Improvement Priorities

    The competencies in this quadrant are those that were rated low by yourself and other rater groups

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  • Qualified Professionals

    Qualified Professionals with Wide Industry Exposure

    With a team of dedicated Project Managers, Data Scientist, IT Developers, UI/UX developers, Mobile App Developer, Domain experts, we try to use the latest technology into our research.

  • Greater Flexibility

    Greater Flexibility & Start-up Like Environment

    We operate in a startup like environment and try to maintain greater flexibility with our clients be it cost, deadline or communication. We practice ‘We walk the extra mile to make our clients smile'.

  • Quick Turnaround

    Quick Turnaround in Execution

    Our cross-functional agile team can plan, build, test and deploy an application in a short span, without compromising on the quality.

  • IT Enabled

    IT Enabled Research Solution Offering

    We maintain our own survey engine for online & Mobile surveys and our IT team have a capacity to develop own web application, Excel Macro, online MIS/Dashboard, online panel implementation, etc.

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