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by Admin | April 22, 2021

Earth is the home not only to human beings but innumerable species and plants and the greatest challenge it’s facing now is climate shift, that affects the future of humanity, flora, and fauna.

The reasons for such climate shift and global warming are the various types of pollution, deforestation, depletion of natural resources, urbanization, and most importantly unawareness and irresponsible acts towards mother nature by general mass - which has eventually led to an imbalance in the ecosystem.

As said by Dr. Thomar Fuller, a British physician, preacher, and intellectual - “He that plants trees love others besides himself.’’ 95% of the earth’s paper comes from tree cutting.

A new study says that there are 3.04 trillion trees on planet Earth. Every year 15.3 billion trees are chopped but there are more trees on earth currently than in the last 35 years.

Human beings have one thing in common - Earth. Apart from controlling different types of pollution and resources, trees must be conserved and protected. Trees provide humans oxygen, store carbon, stabilize the soil and give life to the world's wildlife. Conservation of trees will help in social security and welfare to all forms of livelihood, making Mother Earth a serene place for survival.

Most paper-related surveys are printed at a higher resolution. The cost of paper, print, and postage is really expensive for these surveys besides being a long and time-consuming process. The target audience out here is the main concern as the pattern of questions must be completely accurate to get the maximum result. Online surveys just require an internet connection and a device, like mobile or laptop, where the display monitor and fonts can be adjusted as per customer’s requirement, at no additional cost.

Online surveys can be conducted within few days via emails, social media, blogs, or websites, reach a global audience and get higher responses compared to long and time-killing paper-based surveys. This is exactly where TrackBee is handy and proficient. It is time-saving, cost effective and hassle-free.

Digital data collection by TrackBee is the future to long-term sustainable development. Conservation of trees and global warming can be checked to an extent by undertaking such surveys as it is paperless. It will only increase chances to revive a cohesive ecosystem followed by healthy societies as a whole.


The TrackBee Advantage

  • Qualified Professionals

    Wide-ranging industry expertise

    In today's competitive environment, the combination of human expertise and technology excellence is what sets us apart. We provide complete survey services under one umbrella with our team of qualified project managers, data scientists, IT developers, UI/UX developers, and mobile app developers, among other domain experts.

  • Greater Flexibility

    Energetic, flexible, start-up like environment

    We’re hands-on with every project. With our start-up like culture, flexibility, relentless focus and ingenuity, we get every job done. Where there’s no option, we go the extra mile to create a new solution.

  • Quick Turnaround

    Quick turnaround

    It’s the age of speed where time is money for enterprises. TrackBee’s cross-functional, agile team can plan, build, test and deploy an application in a short span, without compromising on the quality.

  • IT Enabled

    IT enabled research solution offering

    We manage and offer our own survey engine for online and mobile surveys. Our IT experts have the ability to put digital at the core and enable exceptional, fast and efficient solutions by developing applications, Excel Macro, online MIS/Dashboard and more.

  • IT Enabled

    TrackBee values

    TrackBee is built on core values – ethics, agility, adaptive, customer-centric, accelerated by technology, growth by tailored solutions, on-time delivery, accountability, focus and passion.

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