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Evolution of Market Survey and Analysis over years

by Admin | May 01, 2021

MARKET SURVEY- Well the term itself says most of it. A company, before launching a new project or product, analyses the market to get a clear idea of how their new venture will work and what effect it will bring along with it in an area. Over the course of time, there has been a lot of change and advancement in the methods of Market Survey. Earlier for market surveys, the only method that was practiced was door-to-door surveys. American psychologist Daniel Starch was the first to introduce and professionalize market research in advertising. Later George Gallup (founder of the American Institute of Public Opinion) by his statistical method, broke down the US electorate into a set of demographic groups and this is how market research came into being. 

Now with the process of evolution, various effective tools have been introduced for even better conduction of market research like digital survey, interviews using the camcorder as it will both provide audio and video along with quality data; questionnaire through instrument consisting set of questions for data collection; observation on customers, focus group, combination research, etc. are some more important tools used in a market survey.

There are different stages of a market survey like Market Investigation Surveys, Market & Customer Profiling Surveys, Purchasing Tracking Surveys, Customer Motivation Surveys, Customer Expectations (& Attitudes) Survey, Customer Retention Surveys, New Product Concept Analysis Surveys, etc.

What is TrackBee

TrackBee is a powerful, user-friendly digital survey engine with effective and modern features for collecting data while conducting Market Survey.

 Why TrackBee 

By now, we know what data to collect, what platform to use, but with different data collection tools and their different operating processes, it's a bit difficult to program a survey with necessary validations into that system. 

In Frametrics we’ve developed TrackBee with our 1st hand experience in conducting Market Research projects. TrackBee has been applied in various projects across various sectors and industries. 

Under TrackBee Market Research, we are providing a package that includes survey programming (with necessary validations), enumerator management, TrackBee subscription, survey hosting, Training and support, raw data export in Excel/SPSS.  For a single survey programming, in TrackBee one can collect data using a web browser, Android App as well as the iOS app.

TrackBee features:
WORKS WITHOUT INTERNET: TrackBee works offline. So, users can fill out and submit forms when their devices are not connected to the internet as the information gets stored safely until the device is reconnected. 

DATA VALIDATION ENGINE: Obtaining highly accurate data is extremely important to define and implement effective business strategies. TrackBee's inbuilt validation engine has tricks that can help you to validate the information.

DATA AUTHENTICATION: To ensure the authenticity of the data collected in TrackBee, one can add rich data such as images, date & time, background audio capture, signatures, and GPS locations, which increase data accuracy.


LOCAL LANGUAGE SUPPORT - Data collection in local language eliminates language barriers. So, respondents can thus freely express their thoughts and opinions in a language they feel most comfortable with. TrackBee supports more than 100 languages. 


MONITORING DASHBOARD - The monitoring dashboard lets you track the performance measuring system and visualize the set of collected data. TrackBee offers this facet to its users too. The dashboard can be customized for real-time monitoring of KPI metrics and plotting of the GPS-enabled data on the map.


ENUMERATOR MANAGEMENT - Making an enumerator accountable for the data he/she is collecting, it is important to have proper management of the enumerator in a survey system. In TrackBee apart from OTP-based validation of the enumerator's mobile number, backend-based allocation of the survey to an enumerator via team creation is there.

34+ QUESTION TYPES - To learn more about the respondents, it is important to ask the right survey questions. Designing a survey is as much art, as science. A good survey is one that helps you get clear insights. Along with simple question types like open-ended, dichotomous, multiple choices, rating, date & time, complex question types like matrix/grid, Ranking, constant sum, GPS location, Signature, Roster (useful for listing down the details of the members in a household), etc.

TrackBee Package:

Under the TrackBee package, we provide the following services:

a) Questionnaire programming with necessary validation & logics
b) TrackBee subscription charges
c) Survey hosting
d) Training & support
e) Response data in Excel with GPS, LOI, enumerator details

Just share the final questionnaire with us. We will provide a one-stop solution to your collection of technology-related requirements.


TrackBee offers pack based transparent pricing. To get a quotation for a survey management project, please provide us the following:

a) Questionnaire Complexity (Depends on number of local language support, survey validations, branching, Roster type question etc.)
b) Length of Interview (LOI)
c) Response Count
d) Enumerator Count
e) Hosting Period (days)

TrackBee, being a very useful, up-to-date, high-tech and hassle-free data collection tool, saves a lot of time and fund and increases response rates. So, for Online Market Surveys, TrackBee should top and shine the chart of priority always.


The TrackBee Advantage

  • Qualified Professionals

    Wide-ranging industry expertise

    In today's competitive environment, the combination of human expertise and technology excellence is what sets us apart. We provide complete survey services under one umbrella with our team of qualified project managers, data scientists, IT developers, UI/UX developers, and mobile app developers, among other domain experts.

  • Greater Flexibility

    Energetic, flexible, start-up like environment

    We’re hands-on with every project. With our start-up like culture, flexibility, relentless focus and ingenuity, we get every job done. Where there’s no option, we go the extra mile to create a new solution.

  • Quick Turnaround

    Quick turnaround

    It’s the age of speed where time is money for enterprises. TrackBee’s cross-functional, agile team can plan, build, test and deploy an application in a short span, without compromising on the quality.

  • IT Enabled

    IT enabled research solution offering

    We manage and offer our own survey engine for online and mobile surveys. Our IT experts have the ability to put digital at the core and enable exceptional, fast and efficient solutions by developing applications, Excel Macro, online MIS/Dashboard and more.

  • IT Enabled

    TrackBee values

    TrackBee is built on core values – ethics, agility, adaptive, customer-centric, accelerated by technology, growth by tailored solutions, on-time delivery, accountability, focus and passion.

Looking for something that’s not listed here? Let’s chat. Please fill the form and let us know your queries.