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Gather information through surveys

  • 20 Question Type

    20+ types of questions

    Give your survey-takers lists, scale, ranking and check boxes to simplify their task and make responses measurable. TrackBee allows you to choose from several standard and advanced questions.

  • Survey Template

    Survey templates

    Easy access to the survey library to help you create and start a new survey. Add or edit questions and templates according to your requirements.

  • Survey Logic

    Survey logic

    Keep your survey intelligent and logical with TrackBee. Apply parent-child question, text piping, skip logic, survey branching to control the flow of the survey.

  • Private Labelling

    Branding labeling

    Company logo, brand colors or a revamped fresh look & feel – craft and design the template to match your company branding.

  • Managed Survey

    Managed survey

    Don't have time to create and manage your survey? Our experts will help you manage the project. So you can focus on the bigger picture of your business.

Create Online Survey

Get real-time data from customers through kiosk surveys

Survey Kiosk
  • Professional Kiosk

    Low cost, effective

    Kiosks replace pen & paper, brick & mortar, reducing cost and increasing efficiency.

  • No Expensive Device

    No expensive device

    TrackBee app can be downloaded on any mobile device that can be turned into a kiosk to collect data. There’s no need to purchase any special, expensive device.

  • Intuitive Kiosk Experience

    Intuitive kiosk experience

    Let TrackBee do all the work for you with the special features of the app – auto start of survey after completion, survey inactivity timeout and prompt survey to start from the beginning.


TrackBee works on offline mode, too

  • Optimize Battery Usage

    Optimize battery usage

    Control the battery usage of the app by disabling the Auto Sync option.

  • Test Mode

    Test the survey flow with Test Mode

    The Test Mode allows you to test the flow of the survey before launching and after editing a survey. The test responses do not get saved in the server.

  • Response Edit

    Response edit

    Automatically save all incomplete surveys into the app. You either complete those surveys and submit later or delete those from the app

  • Data Validation

    Data validation

    Collect only correct data with the app. Apart from validation like fixed text length (Eg., 6 digit PIN, 10 digit mobile) you can use date type, email and numeric range value to ensure correct data collection.

  • Buy Response

    Seeking responses? TrackBee can help

    Lacking an audience? Let us know your preferred demographics and we will take care of your response collection matching your preference.

Collect Response Offline

A complete survey solution for enterprises

Conduct market research, review employee engagement or measure customer satisfaction – TrackBee offers advanced features to match every requirement.

That’s just the beginning. Collect data, review, analyze and inform future strategy.